Oracle service crashes on OracleConnection.Open()

We recently had a situation here where the opening of a .NET connection to an Oracle 10g database caused the entire database to crash. This was indicated by the Event Log entry:

The OracleService<SID> service terminated unexpectedly.  
It has done this <n> time(s).

For more information, see Help and Support Center at

This was using some library code that we had developed and used successfully on numerous occasions, so it had us truly stumped.

After much soul-searching, one of my colleagues eventually narrowed it down to the length of the .NET project name. The project, when compiled, created a EXE file that had a really long name, which caused Oracle to shit bricks.

Wonderful. I hate how Oracle has such a problem with large object names.

Also, I’d love to know how an Oracle DBA would approach such a failure. How would it even be recorded? There are so many different log files in a standard Oracle installation that I really wonder where you might begin?


One Response to “Oracle service crashes on OracleConnection.Open()”

  1. Adhika Says:


    You should check for the log file called alert_.log.
    This file can give you the reason why it was terminated unexpectedly.
    However there were cases where you cannot find anything or any clue why it went down unexpectedly because the alert_.log only record the next time the database was started.

    For this issue you might need to contact your Oracle dba so he can figure out why Oracle is not recording anything in the alert_.log.


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